About Logixsource

Founded in 2001, Logixsource provides management consulting services for large and small clients across North America to connect strategy to results.  Our focus is helping organizations transform and help drive changes required to processes, systems and capabilities as well as source skills and expertise needed for success.

We help organizations focus on their core competencies, and drive programs, projects and continuous improvement to implement solutions and partnerships to accelerate results. Our corporate values include:

  • We are client focused - our solutions are proven, practical, cost effective and we are flexible to lead or support client initiatives.
  • We are highly qualified - through practical experience, credentials, continuous learning and memberships in key professional organizations.
  • We are professional - a corporation that maintains integrity and professionalism, as demonstrated by a high level of client satisfaction and number of return engagements.
  • We know how to collaborate - with strategic partners to provide end to end services to support evolving client needs.
  • We are committed - to provide clients with innovative solutions, people, expertise and training to meet business goals effectively and efficiently.
  • We achieve results - our solutions enhance employee expertise, increase sales and profitability, improve customer service levels, reduce fulfillment costs, enhance marketplace advantage and shareholder value.