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It’s time to shape up your PMO.

Are you driven to deliver predictable results that are critical to business success and committed to being on time and on budget while doing it?

Have you been asked to do more with less and it's impacting your performance? Now is the time to optimize your operation and effectively manage every project within your organization.

Let Logixsource help. Complete a quick two minute survey and receive a free report that will help you identify how your project management office performs today along with a roadmap to help you improve going forward.

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Why Evaluate Your PMO?

- Improved efficiencies mean a healthier bottom line
- Better business alignment with strategic goals
- Fully engaged functional users
- Clear and concise communication minimizes errors
- Proactively identify issues and challenges before they become unmanageable

What would you do to reduce project costs?

Logixsource has worked with multiple organizations in a wide variety of industries and sectors and the results can be seen on the bottom line. A more efficient project management office puts dollars back in your pocket.

Logixsource uses proven techniques including The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) to determine where your Project Management Office stands relative to your industry. Your survey report will help locate you on this continuum and provide insights into your current operational state and potential areas for focus and improvement.

The time to act is now.

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