Program & Project Management

To invest in your business most effectively, you need to ensure the right portfolio of programs and projects are undertaken that support key initiatives while managing operational costs. Our expertise in working with clients to develop and implement an approach will ensure that you effectively balance these goals by providing program/project management, experience and support. We provide leadership, coaching and training to help you effectively:

Plan and Manage Successful Programs

•    Identify business requirements for your programs/projects
•    Implement a PMO, identify and train program/project managers
•    Prioritize programs/projects and develop success strategies
•    Identify risks and develop mitigation and contingency plans
•    Develop change management plans for communications and training
•    Monitor program/project progress and evaluate success
•    Lead and support program/project implementation
•    Identify and support continuous improvement initiatives and follow up

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"Just a short note to add my congratulations for an exceptional year and jobs really well done!   From concept, through development and production, to sales - each element of the process is interdependent and adds significant value.  I know how hard you all worked and it is efforts like these that will ensure our continued success.  Congratulations and my personal thanks to each of you."

President, Not for Profit Organization

"I wanted to thank you for your IT leadership in making our transition/outsourcing initiative a success. We recognize this transformation required significant change in processes, tools, people and equipment right across the country with complexities and challenges given the number of external parties involved. I very much appreciate your dedication to ensure our IT requirements were met working across the various workstreams. Its been a long journey of planning and I'm proud to work with such a great team who helped realize the vision we had 12 months ago."

Vice President, Real Estate, Communications Organization


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