Selected Projects

Logixsource has helped many clients with a variety of strategic programs as well as tactical initiatives over the years. The following project summaries provide a sample of some of the selected initiatives:

Strategy and Planning

  • For a Distribution Client, Logixsource provided a Strategic Operational Assessment and Continuous Improvement Leadership and Support to implement strategic partnerships for key service providers.  Additionally, an overall strategic plan was developed which helped the organization focus on key priorities to reduce cost, and provide a platform for growth.
  • For a Professional Services Firm, Logixsource developed and documented the current processes and requirements and business value assessment for  a consolidated and global IT service desk and support model.  Implementation and support were provided to ensure a 24 x 7 model provided the necessary people, metrics and budget required to serve clients internationally.
  • For a Telecommunications Client, Logixsource led a Supply Chain Strategy Development Initiative, to help drive out requirements and select a services provider to support a new product and services offering.
  • For a Not for Profit Client, Logixsource provided a Market Transformation Assessment Review and Recommendations to help the organization move from being a functional based organization to becoming a sector based organization.  Logixsource worked with senior organizational stakeholders to design, develop and recommend the new organizational structure and implementation plan to support this transformational initiative and adjust to market requirements..

Program and Project Management

  • For a Not for Profit Client, Logixsource lead a Project and Change Management Program to help the organization move from managing and tracking backlog, to a proactive Global Scheduling initiative, which would help forecast and plan large capital requirements initiatives.  Business requirements were developed and a pilot program and project was implemented to validate the design and solution developed.
  • For a Telecommunications Client, Logixsource provided Program Management Support for a strategic partnership multi-year agreement design, development and implementation.  This included requirements development, RFP development and service provider assessment and selection as well as project management of the implementation including services and outsourced application integration and management.
  • For a global Professional Services Client, Logixsource provided Program Leadership, Change Management and Implementation Management of an ERP solution for Human Resource Management solution.  Logixsource worked with the solution provided and managed the solution configuration, testing and go live for the client, as well as training and knowledge transfer for the team and organization.

Training and Development

  • Logixsource has provided training to leading organizations for the Professional Logistician Certification Training Program (P.Log.) since 2001.  There have been various modules provided to participants including P.Log. Executive Program, Supply Chain Strategies and Logistics Process Diagnostics.
  • Logixsource has provided many customized training programs to both small and large organizations including Project Management, PMP Prep Certification, Change Management, Business Analysis, Team Management and Solution Marketing and Sales.  Typically, this training is part of an overall business transformation program and the teams assigned to specific project initiatives are training as part of the knowledge transfer requirements for the new organization.  We have developed customized materials, and have a large breadth and depth of experience customizing and tailoring training programs to meet specific client needs.