Contract Staffing

In today's business climate the pace of change is unprecedented. Market conditions, technological innovations and sudden changes to business conditions can often effect your regular staffing requirements.
Contract staffing solutions can be key to your business success. Our focused business model enables us to access top-tier talent to meet your contract business needs. Our experience allows us to source your ideal candidate both quickly and efficiently, at a very competitive price.

We will work with you to identify both your short and longer term requirements for these contract professionals:

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Business and System Specialists
  • Supply Chain Specialists
  • Interim Management

Contract-to-Permanent Conversion

This program has been a very successful program for clients that have undertaken large scale business transformation programs, or who are watching HR budgets tightly currently, with an eye to expansion longer term.

Benefits for Clients

•Opportunity to ensure the candidate is a good organizational fit
•Defined term and identified scope of work to measure success
•Flexibility should business conditions or requirements change

Benefits for Candidates

•Opportunity to ensure the organization is a good culture match
•Enhance knowledge and skills, broaden industry knowledge
•Coaching and support to transition to a new organization


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