Permanent Staffing


There are times when resourcing requirements may require additional flexibility, and it may not make sense to hire a new team member on a permanent basis. Our Contract-to-Permanent Conversion Program has been a very successful program for clients that have undertaken large scale business transformation programs, or who are watching HR budgets tightly currently, with an eye to expansion longer term.

We have extensive experience and specialize in providing recruitment and staffing services for these specialized roles:

  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance

We can help when your company is in need of a financial expert. Whether you are looking for an entry level staff of a CFO, Logixsource will ensure that the person you seek will be the perfect fit with expertise in GAAP, Accrual based accounting and an expert level of understanding of financial statements.

Contact us to provide you with professional Permanent Operations, Supply Chain and Project Management resources.


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