Recruitment Outsourcing

There are times when it makes sense to use partners to help you achieve success. You may experience a resource shortage, or just not have the expertise internally to hire specialized resources. We have significant experience helping organizations like yours achieve success through supporting your HR department recruiting specialized operations and project management expertise. Our Specialists will work on-site as part of your team, or offsite to help you secure the talent you require. Depending on your needs, we can lead the recruitment process or any part of it, from advertising, resume screening, interviewing, or supporting the employment offer, screening and onboarding process.

Recruitment and Selection Expertise

  • Work with hiring manager to identify position competencies
  • Develop and execute strategies, including postings, advertisements
  • Agency selection and agency management
  • Screen resumes
  • Conduct telephone and behavioural-style interviews
  • Develop question packages for you to use in interviews
  • Thoroughly check references (supplied for your records)
  • Follow-up with candidates
  • Counsel on salary scales
  • Provide support while candidate resigns (to minimize counter-offers)


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