Embrace Change and Live Your Strategy

Much like the 2002 Oakland A’s, (the focus of the 2011 movie “Moneyball”) Logixsource was ripe for a renewed vision and operating model. The CEO Heather Cartwright, and Vice President of Operations, Mike Boyle had built a successful consulting and staffing business spanning 13 years, but the landscape was changing due to a number of converging factors. The decision by the executive to make a change required courage and faith, knowing there was plenty of work ahead to build a more strategic value proposition to their clients. This change required an expanded team of talented people that could drive the business to the next level.

The executive leveraged their expertise on finding the right people to rebuild their own company. They needed to review their business goals and made the decision to focus on more strategic consulting services. Mike approached a colleague he had forged a friendship with over the preceding ten years, a professional Project Manager with experience in large corporation organizational change, and a passion for training and education and asked him to join the team. Scott Savage joined the company in April.The first engagement proved the idea had merit and they were successful creating a Project Management Office that was functional and could hit the ground running with forty projects already underway.

With a quick win under their belt, the management team needed to rebrand Logixsource and rebuild the website (www.logixsource.com) including the new service offering and strategy. They needed a media team including a web site designer and a media guru, but more important these resources needed to fit the new company culture. The rebrand needed a central focus. Working together the new team developed a company motto, “Connecting Strategy to Results” and this became the company mantra with all decisions built around that idea.

The team that Heather and Mike built was selected because they all had similar traits, a dedicated team attitude, a strong work ethic and a skill set that independently was effective but when brought together proved dynamic. The results of the rebranding needed to be effective and time to market was critical. The plan was to have the new website up in 30 days. This was a very aggressive plan that included an all-day planning session once a week for four weeks, managing the project the same way the company would manage a client project. The Gantt chart was created and the plan was reviewed weekly to ensure any issues and risks were addressed. The website went live June 1, 2014 with a press release that was communicated through media such as “LinkedIn” reaching thousands of connections the executive team had built over their years in the industry.

The idea of an organizational change is not for the faint of heart. Many companies have initiated transformational change but because the leadership changes direction or loses faith in the program, the initiative falls short of success. Feedback from the team and the continuous positive communication by the executive needs to be reiterated constantly. The goals need to be reviewed and the plan needs constant attention. Logixsource is on a new path with a new goal, “Connecting Strategy to Results” isn’t just a tag line the company uses to sell services to clients, it’s a culture that Heather, Mike and Scott reinforce daily with their new staff and company.

The future looks bright for this company and the intent is to share this strategy and lessons learned with their clients.

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