Logixsource Reflects on 2014

As with any organization, when the year draws to a close we find ourselves reflecting on what has happened over the past 12 months and compare results with the objectives we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. We are delighted to have hit our targets for the most part and feel energized to move forward with new ideas and strategies into 2015.

Part of our overall plan for 2014 was to enhance our service offerings and increase our capabilities not only on the strategy side but also with project and program management services. After 13 years running a successful consulting and staffing business, we chose to adapt to the changing industry landscape and expand our team in order to build a more strategic value proposition for our clients.

In April, Logixsource welcomed Scott Savage MBA, PMP to the team as Program and Projects Practice Leader and Partner. Scott’s project management experience along with his passion for training and education provided added dimension to the team while enabling CEO Heather Cartwright to expand her focus and offer a full suite of management and advisory strategy services. Logixsource now provides Strategy & Planning, Program & Project Management, Training, and Recruitment Services.

Following Scott’s addition to the team, a company rebranding was undertaken resulting in a new logo, website and enhanced services. The new company motto, ‘Connecting Strategy to Results’, became our mantra to help client strategies come to life while providing expertise and support to ensure results. Several new client engagements were successfully executed throughout the year proving that our strategy was on target.

Increased marketing initiatives were undertaken with development of the new website and boosting our online presence with a focus on blog development and creation of a LinkedIn company page. We are seeing steady growth in visitors to the website and are continuing to develop our LinkedIn and client engagement strategies.

So what did we do to get to this point? We started the year with a very clear vision of what we wanted to accomplish (goals and objectives). Recording and monitoring those objectives consistently throughout the year enabled us to respond quickly to changes and identify risks so we could adapt. Creating an environment of continuous positive communication enabled us to receive valuable feedback from all team members while providing productive guidance and reassurance as well.

Logixsource is looking forward to a bright 2015 with considerable challenges and opportunities to stimulate our creativity and benefit our clients. What does your 2015 look like?

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