What Makes an Award-Winning Project?

The Logixsource Project of the Year Award is an internal award created to recognize the outstanding achievement of a team or individual on a project of medium to extensive complexity. We applaud Tom Gibson, Project Manager and Lead for the ERP Requirements Project delivered for a national non-profit that spanned the last six months of 2015 involving a team of 5 internal resources and a fully engaged and supportive client team.

What criteria was considered when selecting the winner?

In reviewing this year’s projects, the focus was complexity of scope as well as time frame required to complete the project.  A standardized approach to managing projects including an initial assessment in order to identify business requirements and determine what the needs were for the client organization. The requirements document included a current state evaluation along with a projected future state objective. The team then identified which existing on-site project managers would participate in the project and what their tasks would be, then set out to add and train resources where needed.

As with any project, the team set priorities and developed strategies and benchmarks against which we could measure progress. Risks were identified and mitigation and contingency plans were developed. Wherever necessary change requests were created to ensure that the project remained within scope and that any additions were properly addressed. Throughout the entire project, communication was clear and consistent. Weekly standardized status updates enabled us to monitor our progress and helped to evaluate success.

Fortunately, Logixsource has the ability to leverage experience, speed and scalability accelerating our response times as compared to larger more bureaucratic organizations. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain a positive and motivated client relationship through clear and effective communication.

What Makes this Project Award Worthy?

All of the above-listed factors are what project management IS, but what makes it award worthy? When project management is done well, the various criteria are accomplished in such a way that milestones are established and met. Deadlines and deliverables are achieved. Throughout the project a consistent,positive outlook by all stakeholders is recognized and maintained. In addition to completing the project on time and on budget, the team that participated in the delivery of the project prepared for their next opportunity to work together. The company for whom the project was completed moves forward to achieveincreased efficiencies and decreased costs.

The true measure of a well-executed and award-worthy project is client satisfaction. When the team has accomplished what they set out to do and it meets client expectations, your reward is in a job well done. The icing on the cake is when they support your team with additional opportunities and new opportunities to work together as a team.

What award-worthy project did you work on this past year? Tell us what made that project stand out.

What is the award winning criteria? Stay tuned to the Logixsource blog and LinkedIn page as we are preparing to announce an invitation to submit your application for the next project of the year!

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