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Is it Time to Update Your Business Strategy?

Many companies develop strategic and business plans from the top down, making business decisions without much input from the key stakeholders and not communicating the entire plan to the organization. It can be a scary and time consuming endeavour to let other people into the planning sessions. The “truth” may emerge. “Ideas” could be tabled.…
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Simplify Your Strategy

In today’s competitive business environment, companies need to engage in strategic planning to clearly define the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization. This includes an internal and external organizational analysis that leads to the formulation of a strategy and execution of the plan. During this process, however, one must have an eye toward simplifying processes and procedures in hopes…
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What Makes an Award-Winning Project?

The Logixsource Project of the Year Award is an internal award created to recognize the outstanding achievement of a team or individual on a project of medium to extensive complexity. We applaud Tom Gibson, Project Manager and Lead for the ERP Requirements Project delivered for a national non-profit that spanned the last six months of 2015…
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Why You Should Seek Out a Mentor

Jack Welch once said, “Always be training your replacement.” This has always resonated with me for a number of different reasons. For one thing, while this is a radical piece of advice, it actually makes sense. Having a replacement enables you to move on to the next opportunity without concern that you will leave a…
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  • Contractor or Consultant?

    In today’s business world, hiring outside resources to execute or support projects is par for the course. Companies don’t always have...
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