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Once More Unto the Breach, My Friends

2016 has been a year of both great challenge and great excitement for Logixsource. It’s been a year where we not only had the opportunity to work on exciting projects with existing clients, but also the opportunity to begin amazing initiatives with new clients. In really big news: Logixsource celebrated fifteen years of successful business…
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Kickoffs: Worth More Than An Extra Point

Do not skip project kickoff meetings. Let me say it again for the people in the back: do not skip project kickoff meetings. It’s easy to do. There are arguments about how useful they are, whether it’s a pointless waste of time, etc., and they aren’t without their logic. Having said that, you probably shouldn’t…
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Interview with a Founder (2/2)

Welcome to part two of our Interview with a Founder. In this installment, Heather talks about being a female CEO, the journey of starting her own business, and how exciting it's been to adapt, change and grow.  [audio m4a=""][/audio] Marnie Hughes (MH): If I may move a little more on the personal side now, I'm…
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  • Contractor or Consultant?

    In today’s business world, hiring outside resources to execute or support projects is par for the course. Companies don’t always have...
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