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Interview with a Founder

In honour of Logixsource’s fifteen year anniversary, Marnie Hughes sat down with founder and CEO Heather Cartwright to discuss the basics and the challenges of fifteen years in business. [audio m4a=""][/audio] Marnie Hughes (MH): Today we're talking to Heather Cartwright, CEO of Logixsource Consulting to discuss business consulting and building a strong business model. Good…
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The PMO in Hard Times

The Canadian dollar is sitting at its lowest in a decade; the oil industry is at a standstill. Businesses are closing their doors or downsizing by the dozens every day. These are the realities. This is the tough economic climate we're all facing. These are the fatalistic reports we’re hearing on the news every day.…
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How Effective is Your Project Management Office?

Does your organization have a Project Management Office (PMO)? Do you work within that PMO? What exactly does the PMO do? What is the purpose of the PMO? What kind of power does the PMO have within your organization? These are all very good questions. There are certainly organizations that have groups named “PMO” but…
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Launching Your Career Forward Through Goal Setting

In January of this year, we had the opportunity to join the PMI Lakeshore Chapter “Career Day” with Scott serving on the Interview Skills panel and Heather working one-on-one with job hunters conducting resume reviews. It was an excellent chance to meet some very skilled and interesting people from various backgrounds all in the process…
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  • Contractor or Consultant?

    In today’s business world, hiring outside resources to execute or support projects is par for the course. Companies don’t always have...
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