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Organizational Change Should Prompt Resource Assessment

Every year as a management team we do a resource performance assessment of each employee based on their job description. The job description, however, was created at the time of that resource hiring, which means it could be outdated. In previous blogs we have suggested that constant change is a necessity to keep a company…
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Reconnecting at Industry Events

As strategists and project leaders we tend to focus on the current initiatives and take a “heads down” approach to accomplishing our tasks. This can go on for months until we finally surface, and discover that things have changed around us and others have been focusing on a wide range of priorities. How do you…
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Why Attend Industry Events?

When deciding whether or not to attend an industry conference or event do you find yourself wondering if it’s worth the expense? How do you justify the cost of flight, accommodation, time away from work, and the conference itself? Can it be measured in increased productivity from training? New business contacts? Our experience shows there…
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Understanding the Need for Soft Skills

Gantt charts, spreadsheets, organization charts, and scorecards are all very important tactical tools that a good project manager needs in order to be successful. Developing strong people skills is just as important if not more so. Consider a status meeting where a key resource on your project enters the meeting late and advises the entire…
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  • Contractor or Consultant?

    In today’s business world, hiring outside resources to execute or support projects is par for the course. Companies don’t always have...
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